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[edit] Welcome to the Supercomputing Challenge Summer Teacher Institute

Thanks to

We are holding our annual professional development at New Mexico Tech, from July 13th - 25th.

Move into West Hall any time after 3 PM, Sunday, to register and then we will go over to Torres Hall for an opening BBQ and introductions at 5:30.

[edit] Supercomputing Challenge

[edit] Group Photo

Logo (1).jpg

STI 2014 participants

STI 2014 participants on stairs

[edit] Contacts



The Curriculum Crew the first week

Alphabetically by First Name

Betsy Frederick, Challenge Program Manager

Celia Einhorn, Challenge Program Manager

Creighton Edington, STEM Director, South Valley Prep School

David Kratzer, Executive Director, Challenge, LANL

Harry Henderson, Rio Rancho Academy CS Teacher

Jennifer Cordova, 4th Grade Teacher, Edgewood

Mary Sagartz, CS Teacher, Annunciation Catholic School

Patty Meyer, Challenge Program Manager

Susan Gibbs, Consultant to GUTS, CS4ALL,

Teri Roberts, LANL, Board of Directors

Second Week

Most of the first week people minus Jenn and Su and

Eleanor Walther, Retired Sandia National Labs/Retired, Expo Head Judge

Gus Landis, Fourth Watch Software, Mentor and Judge

Joel Castellanos, CS Dept. UNM

Guest Speakers

Carl Bogardus, Retired GUTS teacher and facilitator

Chris Forsythe, Sandia, Brain Waves

Drew Einhorn, Mentor and Judge and Celia's other half

Mike Trahan, Head Judge, Sandia National Labs

Janet Penevolpe, Chem Prof at CNM, Past Facilitator

Neal Picket, Capture the Flag, LANL

Subhasish Mazumdar. NMT CS Chair

Please let us know if you want anyone's email address.

[edit] Schedules

[edit] Activities

[edit] Resources

[edit] Big Data

[edit] Career Pathways

[edit] Cell Phones as input devices


[edit] Computational Thinking

[edit] Cyber Security

[edit] Modeling


Suggestions of good beginning models from the NetLogo Model Library:

Virus on Network
Wolf Sheep
Bike Tire
Birth Rate
Urban Sprawl
Continental Divide

Simplified Models:

[edit] Presentations

[edit] Project Management

[edit] Recruitment/Diversity

[edit] Reports


[edit] Teaching Computer Science

[edit] Teaming/Cooperative Learning

[edit] Verification and Validation

[edit] Supercomputing Mentor Resources

Check out New Mexico STEM Connection a statewide collaborative effort to promote STEM education in New Mexico and { look for mentors]

Challenge Mentor Database-Looking for a mentor? Find one with this helpful database.

Science Buddies Ask an ExpertAnswers to Your Science Questions

[edit] Resources for Improving CS education

[edit] Final Project Presentations

[edit] Reflective Blog

[edit] Around Socorro

[edit] Physical Exercise Options

Open to All Tech Students

[edit] Organizations and Free Lists and Newsletters

[edit] You Heard IT Here

[edit] Prior Year's STI Wikis

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