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Welcome to the Project GUTS - Supercomputing Challenge Summer Teacher Institute

Thanks to

We are holding our six annual joint professional development at New Mexico Tech, from July 14h - 26th.

Move into South Hall any time after 3 PM, Sunday, to register and then we will go over to Fidel Center courtyard for an opening BBQ and introductions at 5:30.

Our second week will be held regionally and online.


Supercomputing Challenge

Group Photo

Summer Teacher Institute 2013 participants in front of Cramer Hall



Lecture Material

Morning in Workman

Please see Morning in Workman.

Evening Activities

Please see Evening Activities.

Both Tracks

Track A


Intro to Modeling and the 3 As of Comp Sci (Joel)

Complex Adaptive Systems & Epidemiology (Patty & Su)

Track B



  1. David, Tracy, Melissa, Liz
  2. Gloria, Tracie, Lupe, Jim, Ann
  3. Ian, Jemma, Cythnia, Chanda, Rosan
  4. Becky, Alan, Karen
  5. Geizi, Arnida, Maria, Judith
  6. Rowena, Marilou, Christine, Crystal
  7. Jerry, Nancy, Sapphire
  8. Scott, Heather, Alfredo
  9. Danielle, April, Maribel
  10. Suzi, Victor, Gina, Jose, Denice, Rosa
  11. Douni
  12. Creighton
  13. AnnNet
  14. Juanita
  15. Harry


Friday the 26th at the UNM New Mexico EPSCoR Rotunda:

University of New Mexico
1312 Basehart Dr SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Map to Free Parking Rotunda is in the 2nd building to the East, Enter at SW corner of building. Rotunda is at the East end of the Building.


10:00 Welcome: Mary Jo Daniel, etc
10:15 Scott, Heather, Alfredo
10:30 Susana, Victor, Gina, Josie, Denice, Rosa
10:45 Geizi, Arnida, Maria, Judith
11:00 Danielle, April, Maribel
11:15 Ian, Jemma, Cythnia, Chanda, Rosan
11:30 David, Tracy, Melissa, Liz
11:45 Gloria, Tracie, Lupe, Jim, Ann
12:00 lunch: Tango Cafe
12:00 Melody
12:15 Douni
12:30 Ari & Justin
1:00 Beckey Alan, Karen
1:15 Rowena, Marilou, Christine, Crystal
1:30 Jerry, Nancy, Sapphire
1:45 Juanita
2:00 Creighton
2:15 AnnNet
2:30 Harry
2:45 Rhonda

Reflective Blog

Around Socorro

Physical Exercise Options

Open to All Tech Students

More Resources

See Resources page.

Prior Year's STI Wikis

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